DHAVAL Always Music

Dhaval Kala Evam Samvardhan Samiti – A non-profit organisation

Dhaval Always Music”, a music group provides a platform for young aspiring artists along with exploring and promoting the versatility of music. The organisation researches in music, conducts workshops, and aims at providing space for diverse music along with appreciating the talented maestros.

To achieve its vision of a harmonious musical world admired and experienced by everyone, “Dhaval” also organises music workshops for all the music-lovers in various genres like western, acoustic, classical etc. Music, in itself is a vast and endless journey, therefore our workshops will also cover the various ragas, the religious Carnatic vocals, western vocals, music therapy and voice modulation. Also, the basics of music will be taught, making the non-music lovers experience the magic of music around them.


We provide one to one music learning experience to our learners, as Indian Classical music is very practical based it is very essential that learners get proper techniques and taalim. We organise different kind of workshops in Thumri, Gayaki, Khayal, Loksangeet and many more according to the student requirements.

Sangeet Sangam

We organise small concerts and provide platform to young musicians and bring their talent to wider audiences and in limelight. “Sangeet Sangam” was one of the initiative where we collaborated North and South Indian music.